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Equality Chess

Class Project

equality chess

Made in: February 2004
Class: ART 250 Introduction to Computer Art

Summary: When we talk about equality, there are usually two sides to it. One side supports equality, and the other side opposes equality. The left (brown piece) side is the supporting side; it has diversity and shows people who contributed in trying to make the world without discrimination. The right (black piece) side is the opposing side; it shows the KKK, and the people who discriminate against others. The homeless man in the shopping cart is falling off the table, because he is knocked out by the two opposing forces. He is the consequence/result of the battle between equalities. Why is Bush on the opposing side? Well, that's because he sees some nations as "terrorist" nations, and he is obviously discriminating those people. I have many Malaysian friends, and Malaysia is one of those "terrorist" nations. I don't understand why they are seen as terrorists.

Tools: Photoshop 7
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